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Memorandum From the President on Domestic Policy Review on Nonfuel Minerals

November 04, 1980

Memorandum for the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Labor, the United States Trade Representative, the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Chairman of the Regulatory Council

At my direction and under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Interior, a Domestic Policy Review on Nonfuel Minerals was undertaken to advise me on the nature and extent of foreseeable problems in the supply, availability, and price of certain minerals. One important conclusion of this review was that nonfuel mineral data gathering and analysis in many cases should be stronger and more cohesive to support the formulation of policies affecting nonfuel minerals.

Improvements should begin by strengthening current capabilities. To assure there is a focal point for minerals data and analysis, I am designating the Bureau of Mines in the Department of the Interior as the principal Federal agency for nonfuel mineral data gathering and analysis. My proposed FY 1981 budget for the Bureau of Mines provides the basis for upgrading certain minerals data and analysis. Each of you, however, has certain responsibilities for the collection, analysis, and presentation of nonfuel minerals information. It is essential that these responsibilities be executed in a manner that achieves the following objectives:

• Development of information and analysis necessary to support existing policies of Federal agencies with nonfuel minerals responsibilities..
• Coordination of information gathering and analysis to avoid duplication and overlap.
• Anticipation of future information requirements, including those of the minerals industries.
• Timely publication of nonclassified information in a manner that will meet public needs.

To meet these objectives, the Secretary of the Interior, through the Bureau of Mines, shall convene an Information Coordinating Committee. Each of you is to participate in this group, providing your assistance and support.

The Committee's initial tasks will include:
• Publication of an inventory of all minerals data sources in the Federal government.
• Development of standards of compatibility among data bases.
• Identification of significant gaps in data categories, and duplication in existing programs, and recommendations for termination of unnecessary data programs.
• Identification of analytical information systems capable of supporting nonfuel mineral policy analyses in such areas as national security, economic stability and growth, international trade, national and international stockpiles, public land management, environmental assessment, and regulatory policy. The development of an appropriate program to improve existing systems and recommend establishment of new systems, when needed, will be part of this process.

• Examination of the possible approaches to strengthen national and international nonfuel minerals information exchange.

The Secretary of the Interior should convene this Committee as soon as possible and establish reporting requirements. In addition, the Secretary of the Interior shall report on the activities of the Committee as part of his Annual Report to Congress under the Mining and Minerals Policy Act.

You should give these assignments your immediate attention.


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