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Memorandum on Federal Reporting and Paperwork

August 05, 1970

Memorandum for the Heads of Departments and Agencies

Subject: Improving Federal Reporting and Reducing Related Paperwork

Since my inauguration, I have repeatedly stressed the need to streamline the management activities of the executive branch. As an important part of this effort, I am requesting all agencies and departments to participate in a Government-wide project to analyze paperwork requirements and discard those reports that fail to meet rigorous standards of need. In addition, we must examine our information control system and develop efficient alternatives to traditional reporting methods.

I have therefore established two goals for fiscal year 1971:

(1) A reduction of five million man-hours in the time expended by the public in filling out administrative forms and inquiries under the Federal Reports Act.

(2) A reduction of 200 million dollars in executive branch funds expended for reporting and related paperwork.

The Office of Management and Budget has issued instructions to you implementing this project. Mr. Kunzig, Administrator, General Services Administration, will assume the lead in coordinating this project.

I expect all of you to give this effort your full support and to report your accomplishments to me by the end of fiscal year 1971.


Note: On the same day, the White House released the transcript of a news briefing on the memorandum by Dwight A. Ink, Assistant Director for Organization and Management Systems, and Norman S. Peterson, Management Improvement Assistant, Office of Management and Budget.

Richard Nixon, Memorandum on Federal Reporting and Paperwork Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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