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Memorandum on Family Friendly Work Arrangements

June 21, 1996

Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies

Subject: Implementing Federal Family Friendly Work Arrangements

I continue to believe that honoring and supporting the concerns of family members in the workplace is vital to good government and to a productive work force. In order to build on its record of support for families in the Federal workplace, the executive branch must continue to examine its practices and to implement the goals of the Presidential Memorandum of July 11, 1994. The Federal Government must continue to set the pace in transforming the culture of the American workplace so that it supports employees who are devoted to their families.

It is clear to me that whenever the Federal Government establishes a goal of providing civilian employees and military personnel with an environment supportive to families, the result is greater cost efficiency, increased worker commitment and productivity, better customer service, and improved family life.

Therefore, today I am directing all executive departments and agencies to review their personnel practices and develop a plan of action to utilize the flexible policies already in place and, to the extent feasible, expand their ability to provide their employees:

(1) assistance in securing safe, affordable quality child care;

(2) elder care information and referral services;

(3) flexible hours that will enable employees to schedule their work and meet the needs of their families. This includes encouragement to parents to attend school functions and events essential to their children;

(4) opportunities to telecommute, when possible, and consistent with their responsibilities, to achieve the goal of 60,000 telecommuters by 1998 as set by the President's Management Council. This includes telecommuting from home and from satellite locations;

(5) policies and procedures that promote active inclusion of fathers as well as mothers;

(6) an effective mechanism by which employees can suggest new practices that strengthen families and provide for a more productive work environment; and

(7) leadership and participation in these policies and programs at the highest level of the agency.

The departments and agencies shall provide an initial report on the results of this review to the Vice President through the National Performance Review within 120 days of the date of this memorandum. This report should include an assessment of progress made towards specific goals and include innovative approaches and detailed success stories.

The National Performance Review, together with the Domestic Policy Council, the President's Management Council Working Group on Telecommuting, the Office of Personnel Management, and the General Services Administration will continue to work with the executive agencies as we move forward together to increase productivity through family friendly work environments.


NOTE: This memorandum was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on June 24.

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