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Memorandum Announcing a New Program: "ZERO IN on Federal Safety"

October 26, 1970

Memorandum for the Heads of Departments and Agencies

It is most important that the men and women who serve our Nation in the Federal service be fully safeguarded from injury in the performance of their tasks. They must suffer no avoidable risk.

At the end of this year, we shall complete Mission SAFETY-70 which has averted over 22 thousand disabling injuries since 1964. Nonetheless the 43,000 such injuries sustained last year are of deep continuing concern. They show the need for renewed effort.

Mission SAFETY-70 provided a broad, overall approach to Federal work safety. Now we need a specific approach. Accordingly, I am today announcing a new safety program for all Federal personnel.

"ZERO IN on Federal Safety" will start January 1st and continue for two years.

Under this program, each Federal agency must find ways to locate the specific work hazards which injure its employees-and remove them. For example, handling materials causes over one-quarter of our job injuries, slips and falls over one-fifth.

Whether the agency's chief problems stem from these or other causes, it is evident that job injuries can be prevented only where they occur by the agency at the place of work. Tested techniques exist to prevent them.

At my request, Secretary of Labor Hodgson has today written all agency heads detailing the new program.

I have proposed many programs to improve the quality of life in America. That quality in the workplaces of the Federal service must be the best--both for the protection of our employees and as an example to the Nation.


Note: The memorandum was dated October 23, 1970, and released October 26, 1970.

Richard Nixon, Memorandum Announcing a New Program: "ZERO IN on Federal Safety" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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