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Memorandum About Unemployment Relief

November 17, 1931

[Released November 17, 1931. Dated November 16, 1931]

To the officers and employees of the departments and independent establishments and of the Government of the District of Columbia:

I have been glad to learn of the earnest desire of Government employees to have an opportunity to join in relieving distress growing out of unemployment. The officers and employees of Federal and District establishments were most generous in their response last year to the appeal of the local relief agencies, and I am confident that current needs will find equally hearty support.

To this end I commend to your favorable consideration, the plan of organization now formulated, by which every officer and employee will have the opportunity to satisfy his own charitable impulse to contribute wholeheartedly to unemployment and dependency relief. It is understood that an integral part of the plan includes provision for creating work as far as possible to give to unemployed persons, and that direct relief will be accorded only in necessitous cases.

I believe we will be brought closer together in this unified effort to relieve the distress of our fellow citizens, and will learn lessons of future fruitfulness in meeting the social problems of our community.

Yours faithfully,


Note: The plan, as made public by the United States Civil Service Commission, called for all Federal employees to contribute 3 days' pay to relief organizations.

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