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Lynn, Massachusetts Remarks at a Reception for Paul Tsongas and Edward King.

October 28, 1978

Well, it's a great pleasure for me to come back to Massachusetts. I would like to say just a few words. I don't have much time to spend with you, and I particularly would like to meet every one of you individually, if you have no objection.

I just had a tremendous welcome and an unbelievable crowd in Lynn to meet me and Paul Tsongas and Ed King. And this is a ticket in Massachusetts that will do an outstanding job for you. I talked to them about better services to the American people, higher standards of ethics and morality, decency, honesty, openness, reduced taxes, better management of government, more efficiency, cutting the budget deficit, stronger defense, and a search for peace in the Mideast and around the world.

This is a very important agenda, very difficult to achieve. And it takes a strong team to do it. Part of that team, of course, is comprised of elected officials. But the most important part of it are Americans like you who have been blessed by God with great material wealth, influence, social status, and ability to influence others as well.

We've only got 9 or 10 days left in this election. It's going to be close. It would be a serious mistake for us to take anything for granted. You've helped by making a substantial financial contribution, which I'm sure did not hurt any of you. [Laughter] I hope that you will not consider this to be your complete fulfillment of an obligation for a better State and a better Nation.

If you haven't given the limit, I hope you will. Get your husbands or wives to do the same and contact your own friends and neighbors, those who have confidence in you, to contribute as well. Democrats and Republicans can help. And I think it's very important that each one of you kind of anoint yourself this next week and a half to be a campaign manager for the Democratic candidates in whom you have confidence. You couldn't possibly make a better investment in your own State arid Nation, your own future, and a future for people who care for you and about whom you are deeply concerned.

I need for you to join our Democratic team and to be part of it. And you can do this by helping me elect these fine men to the offices they seek. They've been nominated in an open, free, democratic primary. No one would doubt that at all. And I hope that you would now give them your full support. They particularly need your support after they are in office, and so do I. I need them; they need you; I need you.

Thank you very much for letting me come.

Note: The President spoke at 5: 27 p.m. in the Olde Storeroom at the Colonial Hilton Inn.

Jimmy Carter, Lynn, Massachusetts Remarks at a Reception for Paul Tsongas and Edward King. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/243699

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