Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letters on the Retirement of Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes

June 02, 1941

My dear Mr. Chief Justice:

I am deeply distressed by your letter of June 2 telling me of your retirement on July first from active service as Chief Justice of the United States. This comes to me, as I know it will to the whole Nation, as a great shock for all of us had counted on your continuing your splendid service for many years to come. My every inclination is to beg you to remain; but my deep concern for your health and strength must be paramount. I shall hope to see you this coming week in Washington.
Sincerely and affectionately yours,

Supreme Court of the United States

June 2, 1941

My dear Mr. President:

Considerations of health and age make it necessary that I should be relieved of the duties which I have been discharging with increasing difficulty. For that reason I avail myself of the right and privilege granted by the Act of March 1, 1937, 28 U.S. Code, Section 3758, and retire from regular active service on the Bench as Chief Justice of the United States, this retirement to be effective on and after July 1, 1941.

I have the honor to remain,

Respectfully yours,


Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letters on the Retirement of Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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