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Letter to the Chairman of the O.W.M.R. Advisory Board on the Postwar Economy.

April 07, 1945

Dear Max:

I AM DEEPLY grateful to the Advisory Board of the Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion for its expression of faith—both in our war effort and in the necessity that our certain victory mean at home a peacetime economy far more abundant and productive than we have ever had before. You know how completely I agree. I want you to know also how much I appreciate the agreement of such Americans as compose your board.

We have been fortunate in finding in Justice Byrnes and Judge Vinson public servants equal to our great tasks. They emphasize, as do the members of your board, that there has been no shrinkage in the stature and the spirit of the American. Indeed, I am sure that Americans who have done so much in the winning of the war have no doubt that we can give victory the rich meaning of full employment in the United States and of assistance to other Nations in their reconstruction. Victory, without the use for abundance of the powers we have developed in production for war, would be, indeed, a hollow victory. We must plan security and abundance together. Such a stronger American economy will be essential to carry out the responsibilities that lie in plans made at Bretton Woods, Hot Springs, and Dumbarton Oaks. Similarly, abundance at home depends upon organization for order and security in the world.

America is fortunate to have such a reaffirmation of the uninterrupted tradition of an advancing America enunciated by men who represent great organizations of labor, industry, and agriculture working together with others who represent the public. As such Americans chosen by the President and confirmed by the Senate, you have well stated the program by which we fight a victorious war and seek a meaningful peace.

Hon. O. Max Gardner,

Chairman, Advisory Board,

Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion,

Washington, D.C.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter to the Chairman of the O.W.M.R. Advisory Board on the Postwar Economy. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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