Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter to the American Veterans' Association.

October 31, 1934

My dear Commander Kinsolving:

Will you please extend my greetings to the chapter leaders of the American Veterans' Association now gathered in national conference in New York City?

I have observed the aims of your organization and the Federal policy with regard to veterans' relief which it proposes. Briefly, you urge "Justice to the War Wounded, Justice to the War Dead, Justice to the American People." No one may dispute the fact that these interests are paramount.

It is, however, in the application of this policy that we find wide differences of opinion which keep this national problem so continuously before the American people and before the legislative and executive branches of their Government. These differences are augmented by the consideration required for those who served their country honorably under arms and who now find themselves too old or too ill to carry on.

Frank discussion among organized veterans' groups of the several phases of this problem I am convinced would be most helpful in its ultimate solution. That the tenor of these discussions becomes public information is also helpful, for, in the final analysis, the character of our Federal policy regarding veterans' relief rests with our citizens. We may, I am sure, depend upon our American people continuously to honor our veterans of whatever war and to fully meet the Nation's obligation to those who suffered in her service.

Very sincerely yours,

Commander Charles M. Kinsolving,

The American Veterans' Association, Inc.,

New York, New York.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter to the American Veterans' Association. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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