Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter Thanking the War Resources Board of 1939.

November 24, 1939

Dear Ed:

Early in August, with my approval, the War Resources Board was established to advise with the Army and Navy Munitions Board in reviewing and completing the Industrial Mobilization Plan prepared by that agency, specifically for use only in the event of a major war.

In the intervening weeks, you and your associates on this board of review have devoted much time and effort to the task assigned you and now have submitted the comprehensive report which has just been placed before me. This report will be carefully studied. I feel certain it will prove of material assistance in perfecting our plans for the national defense.

I have noted and heartily concur with the concluding paragraph of your report which reads as follows:

"In submitting this report the Board feels that it has rendered the principal service for which it was appointed. So long as the United States is not engaged in war, such a Board has no power and no executive responsibility. We feel that such preparedness plans as are deemed necessary should be carried forward under the auspices of the Army and Navy Munitions Board with the co-operation of other departments of government. However, if it is desired that we continue to meet from time to time in an advisory relationship with the Army and Navy Munitions Board, we shall of course be happy to serve in that capacity."

At this time I should like to express to you personally my appreciation of the fine spirit with which you undertook this important public service, and for the constructive work which you have performed. Your patriotic offer of further service is also greatly appreciated and I hope that you will continue to act in an advisory capacity to the Army and Navy Munitions Board, as it may request from time to time.

Cordially yours,

Mr. E. R. Stettinius, Jr.,

71 Broadway,

New York City.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter Thanking the War Resources Board of 1939. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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