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Letter to Senator Pell Concerning Interurban Transportation Between Eastern Seaboard Cities.

October 15, 1962

[Released October 15, 1962. Dated October 9, 1962]

Dear Senator Pell:

It is a pleasure to have your letter of October 3d indicating that you are seriously concerned about the state of passenger transportation services in the Northeast. I share your concern. I agree with you that there is serious and urgent need for the development of improved surface passenger transportation along the heavily-populated and heavily-traveled eastern seaboard megalopolitan area, Washington-Philadelphia-New York-Providence-Boston. The technical, financial, and operating aspects of the problem are plainly complex and difficult. The role, if any, which the Federal Government should eventually play is not at all clear. The proposed interstate compact may well be an important element in the solution of the problem. There are, as you correctly point out in your letter, many other aspects which must be carefully explored and for which alternative solutions must be developed if your imaginative and constructive idea is to be brought to successful fruition.

Accordingly, I have asked Mr. Feldman of my staff to direct the assembly of a task force within the Executive Branch, supplemented to the extent necessary by experts from the universities, the transportation industry and private research organizations, to conduct an exploratory study. The purpose would be to survey available information, to identify issues and to estimate the time, expense and staff required to prepare such proposals as may be appropriate. I have asked Mr. Feldman to provide me with a preliminary evaluation by late November in time for consideration in connection with the budget and legislative program to be presented to the Congress in January. I have also asked Mr. Feldman to keep in touch with you in the course of his exploratory study.

Best regards.



Note: Senator Pell's letter was released with the President's reply.

On December 11 the President released the task force report "Transportation in the Northeastern Megalopolitan Corridor," dated December 10, 1962 (36 pp., processed). The report was made available through the Bureau of the Budget.

John F. Kennedy, Letter to Senator Pell Concerning Interurban Transportation Between Eastern Seaboard Cities. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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