Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter of Resignation from Chester C. Davis, War Food Administrator.

June 28, 1943

Dear Mr. President:

Sometime at your convenience I should like to discuss fully with you the future direction of the food program. After I have completed two undertakings I should like to be relieved of my present responsibility. The two unfinished jobs that I should carry further before leaving are:

1. Rounding out and announcing the general 1944 food production program, and

2. Holding three meetings in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco that are essential in launching the broad food education program.

These major programs should be well shaped up and under way before the middle of July.

Two main causes have brought me to the reluctant conclusion that I will not be able to serve you satisfactorily in my present capacity:

1. I find that I have assumed a public responsibility while the authority, not only over broad food policy, but day-to-day actions, is being exercised elsewhere.

2. You must have in my position a man who can wholeheartedly advocate and defend the program of broad general subsidies you announced on June 15. I can not do this for the reason that I do not believe such subsidies will be effective in controlling inflation unless they are accompanied here, as they are in England, by current tax and savings programs that drain of[ excess buying power, and by tight control and management of the food supply. We do not have in this country anything approaching these conditions.

Respectfully yours,


Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter of Resignation from Chester C. Davis, War Food Administrator. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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