Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter Requesting the Extension of the Labor Agreement in the Coal Industry.

July 26, 1935


I am appreciative of the continuing efforts of the joint conference between the bituminous operators and the United Mine .Workers, now in session, to reach some satisfactory agreement and solution of their problems.

It would be unfortunate if these efforts toward a new contract and agreement were given up, leaving the country to the possible suspension of operation in the bituminous mining industry on August first.

It is highly desirable that this great industry be stabilized, for the advantage to the workers, the operators and the public in general. You are familiar with the progress that is being made in the legislative effort to assist in the stabilization of this industry.

Your existing contract expired on April first of this year and has been renewed under temporary extension at the request of the Government. The third extension expires on August first. Not all of the future problems of the industry have been completely resolved and there is still uncertainty, yet the effect of a suspension of bituminous coal mining is so unfortunate for the whole country, and the prospects of constructive legislation are so substantial, that I am writing to ask you again to extend the present contract for a further period up until September 16th.

Certainly by that time the situation will be clarified and you will be in a better position to renew your joint negotiations.

Very sincerely yours,

Mr. D.C. Kennedy,

Chairman, Mr. Thomas Kennedy, Secretary,

Appalachian Joint Conference of Operators and Miners,

Washington, D. C.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter Requesting the Extension of the Labor Agreement in the Coal Industry. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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