Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter on Recreational Facilities.

September 26, 1935

My dear Doctor Finley:

You know how heartily I believe in the adequate provision of opportunities for recreation and how through the years I have cared for the work of the National Recreation Association. I rejoice in the growing public interest in this subject as evidenced by the fine facilities now being provided by the Government-Federal, state and local—for the enjoyment of the people.

Of even greater importance in my opinion is the definite recognition that the field of recreation is a fruitful one for those desiring to render notable public service. I earnestly hope that in each of our local communities men and women interested in the public welfare will give increasing thought and time to this great cooperative democratic method of providing recreation for all the people untrammeled by any motive except that of living fully and richly.

Please express to the recreation leaders gathered together at Chicago and to all those serving in the recreation movement the appreciation of the Federal Government for their cooperation and loyal service in carrying forward recreation projects of the various emergency agencies.

I believe the exchange of information and ideas among the leaders at the National Recreation Congress will result in carrying forward the recreation movement with the same high enthusiasm which has always characterized your group.

Very sincerely yours,

Doctor John H. Finley,

National Recreation Congress,

Sherman Hotel,

Chicago, Illinois

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter on Recreational Facilities. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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