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Letter to Ms. Karen Mulhauser of the National Abortion Rights Action League

February 06, 1976

Dear Karen: I understand you have been in touch with my staff and advisers of my Presidential campaign in connection with my position on the issue of abortion. I understand that you and your membership are deeply concerned about some of my views. My personal belief regarding this issue may be at odds with those of many of your members.

A number of politicians and political writers have attempted to confuse my clear position, which is and always has been the same. I am personally opposed to abortion. I favor strong and accessible family planning services. My record in Georgia shows that. I am aware that abortion is the treatment for failed contraception, but I believe that the need for abortion services can be minimized by improved family planning services. I am opposed to constitutional amendments to alter the Supreme Court's decision by prohibiting abortion or by giving states local option authority.

You have raised additional questions regarding the following:

A. Government funding of abortion services;

B. Compliance of federal agencies with the Supreme Court decision rather than state laws;

C. Whether institutions which receive federal monies should have the option of refusing to perform an abortion;

D. Whether parental or spousal consent laws should be made at the state level.

Most of these issues are being litigated in the courts, or soon may be and, as President, I would of course uphold the decisions of the courts.

I am personally opposed to government spending for abortion services. However, as President, I will be guided and bound by the courts in these and other questions you might raise concerning abortion.

I deeply appreciate your interest and concern, and very much appreciate the benefit of your advice and that of your membership both now and when I am President


Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter, Letter to Ms. Karen Mulhauser of the National Abortion Rights Action League Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/347569

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