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Letter to Members of Congress on Health Care Reform

July 01, 1994

Dear __________:

As you leave to celebrate the Fourth of July after weeks of hard work, I wanted to point out what a remarkable week this has been on health care. When Congress returns after the recess, you will have the opportunity to vote to provide guaranteed health coverage to every American.

The Committees have been hard at work, and for the first time ever bills guaranteeing universal coverage will be ready to go to the floor. We can make history in the month ahead if we listen to the American people.

Look at the events of this week—

  • A Washington Post/ABC poll reports that 78% of Americans support universal coverage; 72% support employer responsibility; and 75% support cost containment. The public knows what the health care debate is about.
  • The deans of over 70 of our most prestigious medical schools announced their support for universal coverage.
  • The Small Business Coalition for Health Care Reform, which supports universal coverage and employer responsibility, announced they have over 625,000 small business members, making it the largest small business coalition in the country, with more members than the National Federation of Independent Business.
  • More than 100 big businesses, including 28 of the Fortune 100, have announced their support for universal coverage and employer responsibility.
  • The American Medical Association, in a full page newspaper ad, added its voice to that of other physician groups, nurses and other providers urging Congress to pass universal coverage and employer responsibility.
  • The Wall Street Journal on June 27 reported that the percentage of adults who work but have no public or private health insurance has risen to 17.5% in 1992 from 15.3% in 1988.

We will have the opportunity to give the American people what they need and want, and to give the American economy what it needs—guaranteed private insurance for every American.



NOTE: Identical letters were sent to Members of the 103d Congress.

William J. Clinton, Letter to Members of Congress on Health Care Reform Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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