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Letter to Members of Congress on Funding for Science, Space, and Technology Programs

June 16, 1988

Dear ________:

As the Congress prepares to consider the HUD-Independent Agencies Appropriations Act for fiscal year 1989, I want to emphasize the importance to the Nation's future of full funding and support for science, space and technology programs. These programs are essential if the United States is to maintain its leadership in space exploration and development and its preeminence in science and technology.

The Space Shuttle, the Space Station, the Commercially Developed Space Facility (CDSF), and the National Science Foundation programs are essential to maintain national security, economic growth and international competitiveness.

Timely restoration of the Nation's Space Shuttle capability is critical to national security. Establishment of the Space Station will advance the frontiers of scientific knowledge and strengthen cooperation in space among the United States and its Allies. Deployment of the CDSF will begin to tap the commercial potential of space to serve the Nation's economic needs. The program initiatives of the National Science Foundation to increase the number of research awards, to improve undergraduate science and engineering programs, and to establish new Science and Technology Centers all are essential ingredients for improvement of the Nation's science infrastructure.

Last November, we reached a Bipartisan Budget Agreement to put the Federal Government firmly on the path toward elimination of the budget deficit. Achievement of that critically important objective requires those in office to make difficult choices among competing priorities.

We have considered the full range of Federal programs and their competing demands on scarce taxpayers' dollars and have concluded that full funding of science, space and technology programs must remain a top priority. I urge the Congress to provide full funding and support for these programs.



Note: Identical letters were sent to Senators William Proxmire of Wisconsin and Jake Garn of Utah and Representatives Edward P. Boland of Massachusetts and Bill Green of New York. The original was not available for verification of the content of the letter.

Ronald Reagan, Letter to Members of Congress on Funding for Science, Space, and Technology Programs Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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