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Letter Greeting President Aramburu on the Occasion of Argentina's Aviation Week.

November 12, 1957

[Released November 12, 1957. Dated November 6, 1957 ]

Dear Mr. President:

It is a pleasure to send you greetings through General Curtis LeMay on the occasion of Argentina's Aviation Week. The United States Government appreciates the invitation cordially extended by the Argentine Air Force to its sister service in this country to join in this celebration. I am glad that we have this opportunity, through a salute to the Argentine Air Force, to demonstrate once again our warm friendship and regard for Argentina.

General LeMay's flight is a graphic demonstration of how rapidly technology is reducing the once formidable barriers of time and distance in communication between countries. It is stimulating to consider that in the very near future travel of the long distance between the United States and Argentina will require less than half a day, and to realize what this portends for relations between peoples. With science and technology thus creating in effect a smaller world, common interests and mutual understanding become ever more important. I know that Argentina shares with the United States the same cherished belief in democracy and freedom and the earnest desire to realize an effective international cooperation dedicated to the achievement of peace and justice. I am confident, therefore, that as technological advances make communication easier, relations between our two countries and with all the other members of the family of American states will grow closer and stronger.

I have asked General LeMay to convey to your Government and the Argentine people the greetings of the people and Government of the United States, and to you my personal best wishes.



Note: This letter was sent to His Excellency General Pedro Eugenio Aramburu, President of Argentina. President Aramburu's reply, dated November 12, 1957, released November 14, follows:

Dear Mr. President:

General Curtis LeMay, in a memorable flight, has linked our two countries, bearing your kind message.

You correctly state that Argentina shares with the United States the same cherished ideals of democracy and liberty and the firm desire to cement effective international cooperation dedicated to peace and justice.

The profound and truly American content of your message constitutes a further strengthening of the ideals upheld by all the sister nations of the hemisphere.

I appreciate your views and also the sending of a distinguished delegation from the magnificent United States Air Force on the occasion of the XIIth Aviation Week, and I express the most fervent hope that progress in the technical field will bring our two peoples closer together.

With my very best wishes,

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Letter Greeting President Aramburu on the Occasion of Argentina's Aviation Week. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/233948

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