Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter to Governors Requesting Cooperation in Forest Conservation.

January 02, 1935

My dear Governor:

Maintenance of our forests and the industries dependent upon them, which in normal times afford employment to large numbers of our people, is very vital to the welfare of every State. It is also essential for the permanent recovery of our country. It was with this in mind that I insisted that there be included in the Lumber Code a specific provision for forest conservation.

Some of the provisions of the Lumber Code cannot be carried out effectively without Federal and State legislation in the matter of protecting the forests against fire, insects, and disease, adjustment of forest taxation, taking over tax-delinquent forest land for State or other public forests, other suitable measures to increase public ownership, and encouragement of better management of private forests.

I intend to submit to Congress recommendations for legislation looking toward this end, so far as it comes within the scope of Federal action. There are, however, several measures that come within the jurisdiction of the individual States. Among these are measures dealing with taxation of forests, tax delinquency, forest fire laws, cooperation between the State forest agencies and forest owners in developing and maintaining permanent local forest industries and communities, and other measures falling within the public power of the States.

In developing such a forest program, I solicit the closest cooperation between the State authorities and the Federal Forest Service. One step in this direction would be the appointment by you of a committee, including representatives of State agencies, the public, and the forest industries, which could collaborate with Federal representatives. You may wish to consider some other approach. In any case, I am sure that I can count on your interest in helping to perpetuate the forests and forest industries, for the benefit of the people of your State and of the whole country.

Very sincerely yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter to Governors Requesting Cooperation in Forest Conservation. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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