Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter of Appreciation to Louis Stancourt.

February 08, 1936

My dear Mr. Stancourt:

Though we have not met, your letter makes me believe that I can call you a friend—an understanding friend.

It is not alone because you as a soldier of the late war have thought of me as your Commander-in-Chief.

It is not alone because you, like me, feel a hurt when people who do not know hold up to ridicule our efforts to do useful things with the public moneys.

It is not alone because you tell me that the American Guide is going to be a useful fact-book for our whole country.

It is most of all because you give me the blessings of the unknown men whose voices seem never to be heard, because you rightly believe that I do try, as best I may, to understand the human and the spiritual problems of the millions in our great land who are loyal to our. common ideals and who want to hold their heads high.

I am grateful to you. You have helped me.

Faithfully yours,

Louis Stancourt, Esq.,

Roosevelt, Long Island, ?

New York.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter of Appreciation to Louis Stancourt. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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