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Letter Announcing Candidacy for Renomination and Reelection

January 07, 1972

Dear Lane:

Thank you for your generous letter, and for the petitions you have filed entering my name in the New Hampshire primary.

It was in New Hampshire that I began my campaign for the Presidency four years ago, and I remember well the opportunity that campaign provided to visit so much of the State and to meet so many of its people. I have tried to be true to the trust they expressed, and to carry forward the effort we began in New Hampshire in 1968: to bring peace and progress both abroad and at home, and to give America the leadership it needs for a new era of national greatness.

We have made significant beginnings in these past three years. I want to complete the work that we have begun, and therefore I shall be a candidate for re-nomination and re-election. I deeply appreciate the confidence expressed by those who signed the petitions, and I shall do all in my power to be worthy of that confidence.

In addition to New Hampshire, I shall also permit my name to be entered in the other primaries. As I am sure you will understand, however, it will not be possible for me to campaign actively and personally in any of the primary elections. I feel it is essential, particularly in this year when events of such importance to the world's future are taking place, that at least until the Republican Convention the President should refrain from public partisan activities in order to conduct the business of government with the minimum intrusion of purely political activity

On my behalf, therefore, please express to the people of New Hampshire my warm greetings, my gratitude for their past courtesies, and my hope that together we can work toward a national renewal that will make the anniversary year of 1976 as proud a milestone for America as was 1776.



[Mr. Lane Dwinell, New Hampshire Committee for Re-election of the President, The New Hampshire Highway Hotel, Concord, New Hampshire 03301]

Note: The letter, dated January 5, 1972, was made available to the press on January 7.


Richard Nixon, Letter Announcing Candidacy for Renomination and Reelection Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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