Franklin D. Roosevelt

Letter on Allocation of Work Relief Funds.

August 26, 1935

Dear Sir:

I am writing to inform you that all applications for allocation of funds from the $4,880,000,000 appropriation under the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935, approved April 8, 1935, must be in the hands of the Division of Applications and Information of the National Emergency Council not later than Thursday, September 12, 1935, in such form that they can be presented to the Advisory Committee on Allotments for final action at its meeting of September 17, 1935. No applications for allocation of funds will be received or considered thereafter.

It is planned that all allocations recommended by the Advisory Committee on Allotments up to and including September 17, 1935, and approved by me will have been acted upon by the Secretary of the Treasury and by the Comptroller General prior to September 24, 935. It is therefore directed that all governmental agencies, Federal, State, municipal, etc., be prepared on or before October 22, 1935, either to ask for bids for construction work or begin operations by direct labor (force account) on the project. Where projects are to be carried on under contracts, such contracts must be awarded and signed on or before December 15, 1935.

Very sincerely yours,

The President addressed the above letter to:

The Secretary of Agriculture

The Secretary of Commerce

The Secretary of the Interior

The Attorney General

The Secretary of Labor

The Secretary of the Navy

The Secretary of State

The Secretary of the Treasury

The Secretary of War

President, Civil Service Commission

Director, Emergency Conservation Work

Chairman, United States Employees' Compensation Commission

Administrator, Resettlement Administration

Administrator, Rural Electrification Administration

Administrator of Veterans' Affairs

Administrator, Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration

Administrator, Works Progress Administration

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Letter on Allocation of Work Relief Funds. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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