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Letter Accepting Withdrawal of the Candidacy of Andrew E. Gibson To Be Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration

November 12, 1974

Dear Andy:

I have your letter asking that your name be withdrawn as a candidate for Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration, and I accept it with the deepest regret. As you recognize in your letter, the national interest requires that the Federal Energy Administration have new leadership as swiftly as possible. The energy problems we confront are of such a magnitude as to render unacceptable any undue delays in the nomination and confirmation process. It is therefore my intention to announce a new nominee for this important post very soon.

I want you to know of my continuing high regard for your abilities. You did not seek the post of the Federal Energy Administration Administrator; we sought you out because of your proven record as a superior government manager during your tenure at the Commerce Department. You agreed to serve, if nominated and confirmed, out of a spirit of patriotism and a desire to serve the public interest.

It would be unfair to you to leave unanswered the charges made against you. I, therefore, intend to have the FBI investigation, which was routinely begun on the date that you were announced, run to its completion and, when appropriate, to appoint you to another responsible position in government. We need people in public service of your ability and your experience.

With warm regards,



Note: Mr. Gibson's letter, released with the President's letter, read as follows:

Dear President Ford:

The existence of the agreement between myself and Interstate Oil Transport Company under which I resigned as President in April of this year has raised the question of whether this contract would impair my ability to discharge impartially my responsibilities as Federal Energy Administrator. A review of this contract will show that the obligations of the company to me are specific and unconditional and I therefore believe that this contract would not inhibit the discharge of my official responsibilities as Federal Energy Administrator. Nevertheless, because of its existence it seems apparent that any hearing on my confirmation will be a lengthy matter. Believing as I do that the energy problems facing our nation are critical and require prompt and effective leadership, I am reluctantly compelled to conclude that a lengthy confirmation hearing would not be in the best interests of the nation. Accordingly, I request that my name not be transmitted to the Senate for the position of Federal Energy Administrator.

Other questions have been raised with respect to the propriety of my conduct during the course of my tenure as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Maritime Affairs. I have every confidence that the FBI investigation now underway will demonstrate the complete absence of any substance to such allegations. Indeed, were such allegations the only obstacle to my confirmation, I should feel quite differently about the withdrawal of my name. Therefore, I respectfully request that the FBI investigation continue and be completed promptly.

I greatly appreciate the confidence you have shown in selecting me for the position as Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration. It would be an honor to have the opportunity of serving the nation in some other position.



[The Honorable Gerald R. Ford, President of the United States, The White House]

Gerald R. Ford, Letter Accepting Withdrawal of the Candidacy of Andrew E. Gibson To Be Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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