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Letter Accepting the Resignation of William C. Deming as President of the Civil Service Commission.

February 06, 1930

[Released February 6, 1930. Dated February 5, 1930]

My dear Mr. Deming:

I have your letter of resignation of January 28th which, of necessity, I must accept. I would, however, like to leave the precise date of such acceptance open to further agreement between us.

I should like to take this occasion to express my sincere regret that you feel you cannot continue as Chairman of the Commission. The long and effective service you have given has contributed to the upbuilding of the Civil Service, and your conduct of the office has won the full esteem of all members of the Government as well as the public at large.

I am in hopes that the time may come when your personal affairs will permit of your return to public service.

Yours faithfully,


[Hon. William C. Deming, Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C.]

Note: Mr. Deming's letter of resignation, dated January 28, 1930, follows:

My dear Mr. President:

Some mention has been made of me by friends and the press of Wyoming as a candidate for the United States Senate.

While I have reached no decision, it would be difficult in my present position to make a survey of the situation without violating the spirit of the civil service law.

Even if I should not become personally interested in the Wyoming Senatorial contest, my publishing business and real-estate activities, having been expanded considerably in recent years, are entitled to closer attention.

Therefore, I hereby tender my resignation as a member of the United States Civil Service Commission, to be effective at your pleasure.

It has been a great honor to serve under President Harding, President Coolidge and you, and a privilege to be so long associated with my colleagues and staff.

I have found them loyal and efficient. To them is due much credit for the general progress in the scope and character of the merit system in the last decade. Thanking you for many courtesies,
I am, most sincerely,
William C. Deming

Herbert Hoover, Letter Accepting the Resignation of William C. Deming as President of the Civil Service Commission. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/211299

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