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Letter Accepting the Resignation of Robert P. Mayo as Counsellor to the President.

July 17, 1970

Dear Bob:

It is with deep regret that I accept your resignation as Counsellor to the President. But it pleases me to know that you will be continuing to contribute your great talents to the cause of public service.

Your expertise and diligence have done more than I can say to help start this Administration on a course of fiscal responsibility that recognizes the careful balance which must be maintained between our needs and our resources. It has been a privilege to have you on my team and a pleasure to work with you.

As you move on to your new and important post, you take with you my sincere thanks for a job well done and best wishes for continuing achievement.



[Honorable Robert P. Mayo, Counsellor to the President, The White House, Washington, D.C.]

Note: On the same day the White House released biographical information on Mr. Mayo. Mr. Mayo's letter, dated July 16, 1970, and released with the President's letter, read as follows:

Dear Mr. President:

Now that my service to you as Director of the Bureau of the Budget has been completed and the initial planning of the new Office of Management and Budget is well underway, I am submitting my resignation as Counsellor to the President, effective July 28, 1970.

On July 29, 1970, I will become President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, a position which offers me a new public service challenge in the financial heart of our great Midwest.

It is with mixed emotions that I leave Washington. It has been the thrill of a lifetime to work so closely with you personally and with the superb team you have gathered around you. I particularly appreciate your expression of confidence in me by suggesting that I might be considered for a Cabinet post after the turn of the year.

I am deeply proud to have been one of the architects for you of an economic policy that is soundly conceived and is now in the process of bearing its long-awaited fruits. As I follow in the footsteps of your first Counsellor to the President by going to the Federal Reserve System, I shall continue to devote my life to the principles of economic and social progress that you and I share.

I know George Shultz will perform magnificently as my successor in an expanded and strengthened Office of Management and Budget. He is an outstanding man in every way, and will have the loyal support of a professional staff second to none in the Government. I have given him and Cap Weinberger the benefit of as much of my experience as I can.

Thank you again for offering me the opportunity to help you prove that tough but constructive budget-making can contribute significantly to the achievement of sound economic growth.

May God bless you in your relentless efforts to make America an even better place in which to live.
Faithfully yours,

[The President, The White House]

Richard Nixon, Letter Accepting the Resignation of Robert P. Mayo as Counsellor to the President. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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