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Letter Accepting the Resignation of Maurice H. Stans as Secretary of Commerce.

January 27, 1972

Dear Maury:

I have your letter of January 17 tendering your resignation as Secretary of Commerce, and I will, as you have requested, accept it effective on or about February 15, 1972. I do this with a sense of both great regret and profound gratitude--regret because you are leaving a post in which you have served with the utmost distinction and gratitude because you will be playing a key role in the forthcoming campaign.

Your three years of leadership at the Department of Commerce have been a source of the highest satisfaction to me, as you have given that vital ann of the national government a new spirit of purpose and urgency to match the needs of America and its free enterprise system. When I nominated you as Secretary of Commerce, I did so because I knew our country demanded the experience and direction which you were uniquely equipped to offer. This you have done in the fullest measure. Your superb work and unswerving dedication have contributed in large measure to the fact that the United States is now well on the road to a new era of prosperity, without the artificial stimulus of a war-time economy.

For many years you have been by my side, ever a loyal friend and wise counselor, and I am deeply pleased and honored that you will continue to be there.

As you leave public office, you can do so with the knowledge that you have served your President, your country, and your fellow citizens with the highest skill and devotion, just as you did for more than five years under President Eisenhower. Every American who values the very best in government has reason to be thankful for your participation.

With my warmest personal regards to Kathleen and to you,



[Honorable Maurice H. Stans, Secretary of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 20230]

Note: Mr. Stans' letter of resignation, dated January 17, 1972, and released with the President's letter, read as follows:
Dear Mr. President:

By this letter I tender to you my resignation as Secretary of Commerce, effective on or about February 15.

My three years in the Department of Commerce have been most gratifying. I believe that the organization and services of the Department have been significantly improved and that it is today far more responsive to public needs.

Because there are, as always, important and interesting items of unfinished business, I leave with some reluctance. However, I am resigning to assist in the campaign for your reelection, and I believe that in this way I can best serve the interests of the country, in 1972.

I am grateful for the privilege of having been a member of the Cabinet under your inspiring and effective leadership.
Respectfully yours,


[The President, The White House, Washington, D.C.]

Richard Nixon, Letter Accepting the Resignation of Maurice H. Stans as Secretary of Commerce. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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