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Letter Accepting the Resignation of Counsel to the President William E. Casselman II.

August 08, 1975

We have been through some tough times together. I have been fortunate to have your advice, assistance and unstinting effort for almost two eventful years. You can be proud of your fine contributions not only to my administration but throughout your career in government extending back to our first association in the House of Representatives.

As a fellow lawyer who reveres the law as the bulwark of all our liberties, I wish you great success in the practice of our profession. More personally, let me thank you for your kind and generous observations about the first year of my conduct of the Presidential office and extend, on behalf of Mrs. Ford and myself, warm good wishes to Caroline and you.



[The Honorable William E. Casselman II, The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500]

Note: Mr. Casselman's letter of resignation, dated August 8, 1975, read as follows: Dear Mr. President:

Since December 10, 1973, it has been my privilege to serve you both as Legal Counsel to the Vice President and as Counsel to the President. There is no greater responsibility or higher honor that can be afforded a lawyer in government, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunities for public service which you have given me. However, as we discussed recently, obligations to my family make it necessary that I submit my resignation, effective September 19, 1975.

In parting, may I take this occasion to congratulate you on the successful completion of the first year of your Administration. This historic period, which began under such sad and difficult circumstances, is closing with a renewed sense of hope and confidence by the American people in their institutions of law and government. Your leadership, backed by courage, understanding, and integrity, has set the Nation on a recovery course of tranquility and prosperity at home and sound relations abroad.

I am proud to have shared in a small way in the accomplishments of your Administration, and I sincerely regret the necessity of leaving. Nevertheless, with the work on behalf of the Special Prosecutor, conducted under my direction, in its final stages, and with several other projects nearing their conclusion, the time seems especially appropriate for my return to private life. After ten and one-half years in the Federal government, I intend to enter the private practice of law--a decision which I have often postponed and can no longer delay.

I want to thank you for the many kindnesses, professional and personal, which you have shown to me and my family over the years. Beginning with your election as Minority Leader, I have always treasured our association and will sorely miss it. Of course, in my private capacity, I remain ready to assist you in any way you deem appropriate.

With deepest appreciation and warmest personal regards to you and your family,
Counsel to the President

Gerald R. Ford, Letter Accepting the Resignation of Counsel to the President William E. Casselman II. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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