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Letter Accepting Resignation of Harry L. Hopkins as Special Assistant to the President.

July 03, 1945

Dear Harry:

I am sorry that I cannot persuade you to remain in government any longer. I should have liked it not only because of the great service which you could continue to render to the nation, but also because it would have given me great pleasure to have you associated with my Administration.

However, I understand fully the reasons which prompted your decision-and I do not feel that I can justifiably ignore them.

There are few people in the United States who know more fully than I the substantial role which you have played in the prosecution of our war. I know how much President Roosevelt relied upon you as he started the nation on the hard task of preparation to meet aggression from abroad. I know how much your efforts counted toward the successful carrying out of the Lend-Lease program during the days immediately preceding and following our entry into the war. And I know how much your tireless energy had to do with the carrying on of the war in all parts of the globe.

During the earlier days when our nation was recovering from the depths of the depression, your participation in government affairs--first as administrator of relief activities, and later as Secretary of Commerce-left its beneficial and lasting imprint on the economy of our nation.

I am sure that you must feel much pride and a deep sense of accomplishment in all your great and patriotic service to our country during the last twelve years.

I know that I shall have to call upon you in the future--and I hope that you will soon be fully and completely recovered so that you can give me the benefit of your counsel.

Very sincerely yours,


[Honorable Harry L. Hopkins, The White House]

Note: Mr. Hopkins was appointed Special Assistant to the President by President Roosevelt in 1941. His letter of resignation, dated July 2, 1945, was released with President Truman's reply.

Harry S Truman, Letter Accepting Resignation of Harry L. Hopkins as Special Assistant to the President. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/232720

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