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Letter Accepting Resignation of Arthur S. Flemming as Director, Office of Defense Mobilization.

February 06, 1957

Dear Arthur:

Although I have long been aware of the considerations that require you to resume your University duties--and have fully appreciated them--I nevertheless regret that the time is now at hand when I must accept your resignation as Director, Office of Defense Mobilization, effective on the qualification of your successor.

As I have already endeavored to tell you, I have drawn constant reassurance from the fact that your many abilities were devoted to the vital task of preparing our nation against any eventuality. In this complex and exacting work, your vision and sound judgment have been of the highest value. The nation has indeed profited by your dedication to this service over the past four years.

Along with my appreciation of your services as Director, Office of Defense Mobilization, you have my thanks for your great contribution to the work of my Advisory Committee on Government Organization. I am glad that you can continue as a member of the Committee and will be available for further consultations from time to time.

With warm personal regard, and best wishes for your happiness and continued success,



Note: Mr. Flemming's letter of November 7, 1956, follows:

Dear Mr. President:

As you know, I have been on leave of absence now for a period of almost four years as President of Ohio Wesleyan University. I feel, therefore, that the time has come when I should submit my resignation as Director of the Office of Defense Mobilization.

I do so with real regret because of the great joy and satisfaction that have come to me as a result of the privilege and opportunity of being associated with you during your first term in the office of President. It has been a source of inspiration to work with one who, in my judgment, exemplifies in his daily activities the ideals for which all of us should strive.

I have been particularly happy to be able to work with you in an area to which you have devoted, without thought of self, the best years of your life. As a result of this association I know that, under your leadership, the United States will continue to deal with the forces of international Communism from a position of strength. I also believe that, under your leadership, our nation will continue to set in motion spiritual forces which will ultimately provide us with a breakthrough that will lead to disarmament.

You have undertaken a great crusade. Outstanding progress has been made in the direction of the objectives that you have established. I know that this progress will continue in the four years that lie ahead. I stand ready to help and assist in any way that I can as a private citizen.

I would like very much to have the opportunity of talking with you personally about the time when my resignation should be made effective.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Letter Accepting Resignation of Arthur S. Flemming as Director, Office of Defense Mobilization. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/234090

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