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Labor Day Statement.

August 25, 1970

THEODORE ROOSEVELT once said that the best prize life offers is the chance to work at work worth doing. As we celebrate Labor Day for the 76th time, we pay tribute to millions of Americans who have won this prize. For today we honor the working men and women of this country, citizens whose lives are enriched by the pride they take in their work.

Too often these days we find ourselves measuring our economic output primarily in quantitative terms. Too seldom do we remember that qualitative factors are equally important in achieving a stable and prosperous economy. How much we produce is one important question, of course. But we must also ask--with greater force than we have sometimes done in the past how well we produce, how efficiently and skillfully we provide the goods and services of our economy, how effective and attractive and reliable are the results of our work, how much pride and satisfaction those results provide to the worker.

On this Labor Day, let us remember that our high standard of living, our advancing technological accomplishments, and our managerial capacity all must continue to be supported by a highly talented labor force if this nation is to retain its proud position of international leadership and further improve the quality of life for all of its people.

Let us also remember that the turbulence and uncertainties of our time have presented serious challenges to the working men and women of America. The problems that affect all---the search for world peace, the cost of living, the need to enhance our environment--often fall with particular impact on the working man and his family. It is an important fact of American life that they continue to show their faith in their country. They are grateful for what America has provided them in the past; they are loyal to what America stands for in the present; they are determined to help America achieve an ever brighter future.

The men and women who make up our labor force can be assured that the government of the United States will work closely with them in building that future. On behalf of that government, and on behalf of all Americans, I take this opportunity to salute and to thank the working men and women of this nation.


Note: The statement was released at San Clemente, Calif.

Richard Nixon, Labor Day Statement. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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