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Labor Day Message.

August 31, 1973

AMERICA is a great nation because of the strength and character of the American people. Without the full-hearted support of an intelligent, energetic labor force, all of our technological and theoretical breakthroughs would have been wasted; with that support, they have made America the most prosperous, progressive nation in the world.

On Labor Day we pay tribute to the working men and women to whom America owes so much. On this day, we also give thanks for the fact that in our free society--more than anywhere else on earth--the laborer can enjoy' the results of his labor and the freedom to choose where and how he will apply his skills. By working together, labor, management and government in America have achieved a standard of living and a climate of opportunity and individual rights unequalled in the history of man.

But in a competitive world, no matter how great our past achievements, we must not fall victim to complacency. The soul and sinew of American labor must continue to be a force for progress and productivity. The continuing vitality of our economy and, through it, of our entire way of life, rests in large measure on the willingness, understanding and cooperation of the working men and women of America. They have not failed us before and they will not fail us now.

For all of us, then, Labor Day 1973 should be a time of rededication as well as thanksgiving a time when we renew our dedication to preserving an abundant America, free and secure, for this and future generations.


Note: The message was issued at San Clemente, Calif.

Richard Nixon, Labor Day Message. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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