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Labor Day Greeting to the Nation

September 02, 2001

Hello, and happy Labor Day. On this day we celebrate the hard work of Americans. Teachers and doctors, farmers and factory workers, policemen and engineers, bankers and mechanics—the working men and women of America are a model for the world.

Work is important to our human dignity. Everyone should know the satisfaction that comes from working hard and seeing results from your labor. That is why we need a strong and growing economy that creates jobs for all.

Americans everywhere have reason to be proud this Labor Day. We also have reasons to be profoundly grateful. We live in a blessed land, strong and free, at peace in the world, where we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and pursue our dreams. We should never forget what a rare and hopeful time in history this is. May God continue to bestow His blessings upon our land.

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day.

NOTE: The greeting was videotaped at approximately 2:30 p.m. on July 30 in the Map Room for later broadcast. It was made available by the Office of the Press Secretary on August 30 but was embargoed for release until 4 p.m. on September 2. It was fed by satellite to networks and local television stations on August 31. A tape was not available for verification of the content of this greeting.

George W. Bush, Labor Day Greeting to the Nation Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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