Klobuchar Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying About Amy Klobuchar at the Fifth Democratic Presidential Debate in Georgia

November 21, 2019

ICYMI: Klobuchar Wins Big In Fifth Democratic Debate

ATLANTA, GA — After a standout performance last night from Senator Amy Klobuchar at the fifth Democratic presidential debate in Georgia, numerous outlets, strategists, and media personalities heaped on praise. The Washington Post, CNN and USA Today all declared Senator Klobuchar as one of the winners of the night, with The New York Times writing, "Klobuchar had her best debate yet" and The Boston Globe writing, "if there was one candidate who had a better debate than the others, it was Klobuchar."

See what others are saying:

The New York Times: "Klobuchar had her best debate yet"

The Washington Post: "Winners: Amy Klobuchar"

The Boston Globe: "If there was one candidate who had a better debate than the others, it was Klobuchar. She entered the debate with some momentum after a strong October debate performance and she will likely build her momentum after this debate. She was funny, pointed, and injected herself in the debate in just the right way. Klobuchar is far from being the nominee, but she just separated herself from the lower tier."

CNN: "Winners - Amy Klobuchar: The Minnesota senator has been desperately searching for a moment over the first four debates -- and she might just have found one Wednesday night. Klobuchar was one of the few people on stage to take on South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (more on that below) and her point about a woman -- still -- not being elected president was strong: "If you think a woman can't beat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every day," she said. Klobuchar's biggest issue is that the pragmatic center lane has been dominated by Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden. Her performance on Wednesday night might just change that."

The Washington Post: "Klobuchar had another outstanding performance. She made clear there is a double-standard for female candidates: "Women are held to a higher standard. Otherwise we could play a game called name your favorite woman president." She struck gold with one of her favorite lines: "If you think a woman can't beat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every single day." Asked about family leave, she defended a three-month leave plan, stressing the importance of fiscal responsibility and realistic proposals (knocking free college for everyone). On foreign policy, she spoke in favor of the New START accord and formulating a coherent Middle East policy. She tested out her argument against Trump in the general election. (She made the case that voters are with Democrats on Roe and Planned Parenthood.) She made a pitch for her own experience, doing something on honest ads."

CNN: "Sen. Amy Klobuchar came ready to debate"

USA Today: "Winners - Amy Klobuchar: The Minnesota Senator was ready Wednesday night. She got laughs and cheers for her answer when asked to follow up about her recent comments that a female candidate with Mayor Pete Buttigieg's experience probably would not have made it to the debate stage. After clarifying that she believes Buttigieg is indeed qualified to be at the debate, she doubled down on her belief that women are held to a different standard."

The New York Times: "Yet for all the candidates onstage — whether fighting for relevance, qualification for future debates or a polling lead — the forum supplied a crucial opportunity for airtime, and to test out new jokes or dust off old material. Ms. Klobuchar had a chance to deploy a well-practiced bit: 'My first Senate race I literally called everyone I knew and I raised $17,000 from ex-boyfriends," she said. "And I'd like to point out it is not an expanding base.'"

Now This: "Amy Klobuchar on Double Standards for Women at the Democratic Debate"

McClatchy DC: "Enter Klobuchar, the Minnesota senator who filled the void with a punchy pitch for a moderate, but serious Democrat with a capacity to deploy a memorable. one-liner...She even easily fielded a question on foreign policy -- a topic that tangles up many contenders -- with a comprehensive answer that demonstrated confidence to be commander-in-chief."

Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Minnesota U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, trying to build on a recent bounce in the polls, sought to make her mark as a unity candidate Wednesday night in the fifth debate of the Democratic presidential primary contest."

Mother Jones: "During the Democrat debate on Wednesday night, presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar brought gender disparity in politics to the center stage. When Andrea Mitchell asked Klobuchar to clarify a statement she'd made about the heightened standards women face to achieve the same accomplishments as men, she didn't mince her words. 'What I said was true. Women are held to a higher standard, otherwise we could play a game called name your favorite woman president.'"

CBS News: "Amy Klobuchar rebuffs notion that a woman can't beat Trump, says Pelosi does it every day"

The New York Times: 'Women Are Held to a Higher Standard,' Klobuchar Says at Debate

The Hill: Klobuchar shuts down idea a woman can't beat Trump: 'Pelosi does it every day'

CNN: Klobuchar: "Women are held to a higher standard"

From Twitter:

Annie Linskey: "So far Klobuchar is having her strongest debate, showing flashes of humor and also serious policy ideas. And getting a lot of time."

Ed O'Keefe: "That @amyklobuchar answer was quite the mic drop. Clearly prepared for the question, she delivered one of the most succinct debate-stage sales pitches we've seen at any of these fight nights. #DemDebate"

Mo Elleithee: ".@amyklobuchar is the most underrated debater in the field. She has had standout moments in every single debate, delivering answers that are substantive, powerful and personal. And she knows how to draw contrast without coming across as negative. She's very good in this format."

John Harwood: "Amy Klobuchar is having a good night"

Eric Bradner: "Klobuchar could be having the best night so far. Her last answer took aim at Medicare for All and free college tuition proposals. "I'm not going to go for things just because they sound good on a bumper sticker and then throw in a free car," she said."

Donna Brazile: "@amyklobuchar got game."

Ryan Lizza: "Klobuchar is having a good night. A lot of the debates showcase the more left candidates defending their ideas with more passion and inspiration and the centrists sniping at them. She actually makes an impassioned case for her ideas, which just happen to be more moderate."

Ruth Marcus: "I think @amyklobuchar is having a good night."

Christopher J. Hale: ".@AmyKlobuchar makes a strong appeal for an inclusive Democratic Party that reaches out to millions of swing voters and disaffected Republicans. She's right: that's the only way to beat President Trump next November."

Garance Franke-Ruta: "Amy Klobuchar is ON tonight. #DemDebate"

Jennifer Rubin: "Klobuchar movingly spoke of Vindman, ending an excellent performance"

Lynn Sweet: ".@amyklobuchar answers are strong because she keeps bringing it back to how that issue - and with her as the nominee - could beat Trump. #DemocraticDebate"

NARAL: .@amyklobuchar: "I predict this will be a big issue in the general election...the people are with us. Over 70% of the people support Roe v. Wade. Over 90% support funding for Planned Parenthood and making sure that women can get the healthcare they need."

Josh Douglas: "Klobuchar is having a good night in focusing on democracy reform. #DemocraticDebate"

Ilyse Hogue: ".@amyklobuchar is oh so right. The country is with us on supporting legal access to abortion as a fundamental freedom. 7 in 10 Americans support abortion access. I also want Trump to know this is why he loses. #AskAboutAbortion #DemocraticDebate"

NDRC: "Thank you, @amyklobuchar for being the first candidate to speak out on the harmfulness of gerrymandering to our democracy! Gerrymandering is a civil rights issue. #DemDebate #AskAboutDemocracy

Harry Enten: "Statistically speaking, it is the easiest to make the case for Klobuchar's electability. Over and over again, she's beat the Dem baseline in a Midwest state Trump lost less than 2 pts."

Michael Geheren: "I've noticed @amyklobuchar mention farmers twice. I don't believe I have heard any other candidate mention farmers. Farmers in Minnesota and across the country are caught in the middle of a trade dispute. #DemDebate"

End Citizens United: "Thank you, @amyklobuchar. It's time to overturn Citizens United. #ReformFirst #DemDebate"

Robert Reich: "Excellent answer from Klobuchar: "We'd be playing the game 'name your favorite woman president.'" "If you think a woman can't beat Trump, Pelosi does it every day." Best line of night so far. #DemDebate"

Ali Vitali: "It's pretty amazing to see this conversation about politics and gender playing out in primetime during a big debate. Gender has been one of the underpinnings of this (and last!) election cycles. Klobuchar speaking to this directly on the stage is so important. #DemDebate"

Charlotte Clymer: ""If you don't think a woman can defeat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every day." Damn good line from Klobuchar. #DemDebate"

Terrell J. Starr: "So, Amy Klobuchar is having a great night. A really great night. #DemDebate"

Jonathan Capehart: "Amy Klobuchar showing why she's on the debate stage. #democraticdebate"

Katie Hill: "And @amyklobuchar ftw talking about how she raised $17k from ex-boyfriends. #calltime #demdebate"

Khushbu Shah: "Best line of all of the debates so far from Amy Klobuchar: "I set a record. I raised $17,000 from ex-boyfriends""

Emily Badger: "I think Amy Klobuchar right now is the first time in any debate this year we're hearing about voting rights."

Rebecca Morin: "Klobuchar was the first candidate on stage to mention Stacey Abrams!"

Emma Vigeland: "Credit to Klobuchar! A constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United is a good proposal. #DemDebate"

American Federation of Teachers: "First mention of workers of the night comes from @amyklobuchar. Thank you for calling out how Trump has betrayed workers. #DemDebate #AFTvotes"

One Country: ".@amyklobuchar mentions farmers in her opening statement ? Hopefully we hear about rural issues from ALL the candidates tonight. #DemDebate"

Amy Klobuchar, Klobuchar Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying About Amy Klobuchar at the Fifth Democratic Presidential Debate in Georgia Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/365959

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