Klobuchar Campaign Press Release - What They Are Saying About Amyn Klobuchar at the Sixth Democratic Debate in Los Angeles, California

December 20, 2019

The Reviews Are In: Klobuchar A Clear Winner At The Sixth Democratic Debate

LOS ANGELES, CA — After another standout performance last night from Senator Amy Klobuchar at the sixth Democratic presidential debate in California, numerous outlets, strategists, and media personalities praised her for her strong performance. CNN, Vox, The Daily Beast, Mother Jones, Newsweek, and USA Today all declared Senator Klobuchar as one of the night's winners, with The New York Times writing, "There was no match for Ms. Klobuchar on Thursday when it came to the electability argument"and The Washington Post writing, "Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) was a standout, consistently strong and agile in her answers, positioning herself as having the capacity to be 'progressive and practical at the same time.'"

See what others are saying:

CNN: "WINNERS: Amy Klobuchar: The Minnesota senator benefited the most from the smaller number of candidates on stage. She got to talk a LOT more than in past debates and used that time very, very well. She started strong -- outshining her competitors with her answer on how to convince the public that the impeachment was the right move. Time and time again in answer after answer, Klobuchar drove home her basic message: I'm from the Midwest. I'm a woman. I get things done. And, she effectively took it to South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg over his dismissiveness of service in the Senate. An excellent debate performance when Klobuchar really needed one."

The Daily Beast: "Amy Klobuchar Seizes Her Debate Moment, Crushes It"

The New York Times: "There was no match for Ms. Klobuchar on Thursday when it came to the electability argument."

The Washington Post: "Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) was a standout, consistently strong and agile in her answers, positioning herself as having the capacity to be "progressive and practical at the same time." While she has been slow gaining traction in the polls, I continue to think that Klobuchar is the candidate most likely to pull off a surprisingly strong showing in Iowa."

Vox: "Amy Klobuchar deserves a closer look from electability-minded Democrats"

USA Today: Winners: Amy Klobuchar: Klobuchar strategically acted as a peacekeeper a few times Thursday, touting her Midwestern roots by stopping a few word-battles between other candidates on stage with a "come on, you guys." She then seamlessly dovetailed into her own stance on the issue.

Newsweek: "Klobuchar found her voice as a moderate candidate with a more relaxed and assured debate performance."

Politico: "Klobuchar busts out"

Boston Globe: "Amy Klobuchar's big night on the Democratic presidential debate stage"

McClatchy: "KLOBUCHAR HAS A NIGHT: Amy Klobuchar has consistently performed well in debates, but the game she brought to Los Angeles was unquestionably her best yet. The Minnesota senator owned the first 30 minutes with crisp, detailed answers from how an effective impeachment trial should proceed to leaping at a contrast with Sanders over the bipartisan renegotiated North American trade deal, which she supports."

Vox: Winner: Amy Klobuchar: A very different Amy Klobuchar was standing on the debate stage Thursday...In her place was a confident Klobuchar who was in a groove all night, with personal anecdotes, quippy one liners about "wind caves," a snappy moment telling Pete Buttigieg to respect the experience of his fellow candidates onstage, and clear, substantive responses to policy questions.

Wall Street Journal: "Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar came out swinging and landed her punches. Her lengthy exchange with South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg over experience was the first time the debates have gotten below the surface-level questions about age and health. She also showcased her ability to combine humor and sharp words to draw effective contrasts."

TIME: "Iowa will be the first state in the nation to cast ballots for a Democratic nominee, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar leaned into that fact during Thursday's debate. "The way we take on climate change in a big way is by talking about what's happening on the coast as I just did," the Minnesota lawmaker said, "but also by talking about what's happening in the midwest — where I'm from. It's not flyover country to me, I live there. And what we are seeing there is unprecedented flooding." In her answers, she was more determined than ever to reach midwestern and other blue collar workers, many of which have seen their farm bankruptcies increase by 25% in one year, and extreme rain increase by 50% since 1900."

FOX 9: "Amy Klobuchar gets some spotlight in Dem debate"

Mother Jones: "Amy Klobuchar seemed like the big winner, relatively speaking. She got plenty of speaking time, she was clearer than usual in her answers, and she did the best job by far of selling a moderate vision without directly attacking Warren or Sanders."

NBC News: "Klobuchar claims moderate, Midwest bona fides"

New York Magazine: "A candidate who really needed a good debate, Amy Klobuchar, got a lot of airtime and sounded animated and fluid, if a bit over the top in advertising her down-home midwestern humor."

Star Tribune: "Sen. Amy Klobuchar turns up volume at debate: 'The president is not the king'"

MSNBC: "Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "I know how to win" statewide and in red districts"

NAACP: Thank you @amyklobuchar for raising voting rights. We agree. "You shouldn't lose your right to vote. Let's stop the purging. Let's stop the gerrymandering." #DemocraticDebate

Tommy Vietor: Klobuchar is having a night

Vanita Gupta: Sen. @amyklobuchar is right: There are forces in America trying to make it harder to vote – and states across the country are attempting to aggressively purge voters from the rolls. Voting should NOT be a use it or lose it right. The voter purges need to end now. #DemDebate

Frida Ghitis: Klobuchar has been very good all along. Not surprising the field is thinning and she's quietly holding on.

Maria Shriver: @amyklobuchar is smart, strong, and on her game tonight. She has midwest credentials and Washington experience. #DemDebate

Josh Rogin: Klobuchar just won the Warren-Mayor Pete battle.

Matt Viser: This is Amy Klobuchar's best debate. By far.

Carla Marinucci: Winner: @AmyKlobuchar's best debate yet; used humor to expand on key positons & argue for electibility. Close 2nd: @PeteButtigieg under attack, kept bouncing back. @BernieSanders, @Ewarren, @JoeBiden, no harm/no foul. @AndrewYang refreshing, @TomSteyer showed passion. #DemDebate

Jonathan Tamari: Klobuchar the first one to directly answer without falling back to her standard stump speech"

Charlotte Clymer: Amy Klobuchar is the only one who has directly answered this question, so far. #DemDebate

Nicholas Thompson: How will you get more people to agree with you on impeachment? Biden, Pete, Warren, Sanders: tell them again that Trump is bad. Klobuchar: Actually break down the case in a smart way so they understand.

Pod Save America: Asked what next steps are on impeachment, Sen. @amyklobuchar calls for McConnell let witnesses testify in the Senate trial. #DemDebate WE ARE FEELING THIS ANSWER.

Allison Winn Scotch: Senator @amyklobuchar is coming out as confident as she has ever been at a debate. Very strong. Presidential.

Jennifer Rubin: Klobuchar global Watergate and her shout out to Iowa farmers were winners.

Kayla Jardine: Klobuchar is having a good night and the audience is recognizing her!! The most comfortable I've seen her on stage #DemDebate

Greg Sargent: .@amyklobuchar: Day 1: Rejoin Paris climate deal. Day 2: Restore regs on power plants. Day 3: Restore regs on tailpipe emissions. Followed by: Price on carbon. Good and clear.

Randi Weingarten: Strong start from @amyklobuchar: "The President is not King in America. The law is King." #DemDebate #AFTvotes

Christina Reynolds: "The way we tackle this election is by winning big in the election." Amen @amyklobuchar. And we need to win in all the races, not just the big one.

Jennifer Rubin: Klobuchar doesn't give the same answer in every debate so she sounds fresh and you are actually interested in what she has to say.

Shannon Fisher: I'm impressed with Klobuchar's debate performances. She is a straight-talking, clear-headed, consistent, intelligent, positive candidate with an air of sincerity. If her hair would just stop trembling, I think Amy Klobuchar would be a STRONG contender against Trump! #DemDebate

Jamelle Bouie: oh and before we get too far from it, klobuchar's answer on voting rights was great"

Julian Zelizer: The smaller stage, combined with some very good moderators, has offered many of the candidates, such as @amyklobuchar, an opportunity to showcase their talent in ways that have been difficult until now.

Grace Segers: Amy Klobuchar is also having a good night. Her performance is actually reminding me of her questioning of Brett Kavanaugh — not necessarily in tone, but because she is confident in herself and in her values in a way she hasn't fully embodied in previous debates.

Daily Kos: Klobuchar makes a call back to the immigration package championed, and almost passed, by Ted Kennedy. Nice piece of personal history. She's having a strong showing tonight. #DemDebate

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly: Klobuchar is having her best debate yet. #DemDebate

Adrienne Elrod: Damn @amyklobuchar just keeps getting better and better during these debates!

Amy Klobuchar, Klobuchar Campaign Press Release - What They Are Saying About Amyn Klobuchar at the Sixth Democratic Debate in Los Angeles, California Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/365991

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