Klobuchar Campaign Press Release - Dubuque County Recorder John Murphy and Republican Mayor of Indianola Kelly Shaw Endorse Amy Klobuchar

February 01, 2020

DES MOINES, IA — Today, Amy For America announced two new endorsements of Senator Amy Klobuchar from Dubuque County Recorder John Murphy and Republican Mayor of Indianola Kelly Shaw.

Mayor Shaw, a lifelong Republican, announced at a press conference yesterday that he will be updating his party registration in order to caucus for Senator Amy Klobuchar on Monday. Shaw was elected Mayor of Indianola in a nonpartisan election in 2017. Earlier in his career, he was a staffer for Republican Iowa Congressman Jim Lightfoot. In announcing his endorsement of Senator Amy Klobuchar, Mayor Shaw cited her experience, electability, and achievable policies.

"I have decided to support Senator Klobuchar because I know she will be able to unite this country and move us forward," said Indianola Mayor Kelly Shaw. "Her common sense approach to policy, ability to win in rural, urban, and suburban districts, and history of passing bipartisan legislation make her an exceptional choice in this field of candidates. Additionally, she understands the issues important to people in my community -- like affordable health care, strong public schools, and investment in critical infrastructure -- and has proposed bold, attainable policies around them. I am excited to caucus for Senator Klobuchar on Monday and encourage Iowans of all political backgrounds to do the same."

John Murphy was first elected Dubuque County Recorder in 2014. Prior to his election as Recorder, he served as Congressman Braley's District Director. Murphy previously endorsed former Congressman Beto O'Rourke.

"Senator Klobuchar is our best choice to turn this country around after four years of Donald Trump," said Dubuque County Recorder John Murphy. "If we want to tackle the biggest challenges facing our country, we need a president with the legislative experience to get their agenda passed through Congress. Senator Klobuchar has passed over 100 bills as lead Democrat in the Senate -- 40 of which have been under the Trump administration -- on everything from strengthening our rural economy to lowering prescription drug prices to improving election security. That's the kind of experience and work ethic we need in the White House, and I hope all Iowans who agree will join me in caucusing for Amy Klobuchar on Monday."

Klobuchar has made it a point of her campaign to reach out to Independents and Republicans. This past fall, she received endorsements from State Representative Andy McKean, who switched parties from Republican to Democrat in April 2019, and State Senator David Johnson, another former Republican.

To date, Klobuchar has received the endorsements of 18 sitting Iowa legislators -- the most of any candidate in the race.

Current Iowa legislators supporting Klobuchar include:
Iowa Senator Rob Hogg
Iowa Senator Kevin Kinney
Iowa Senator Liz Mathis
Iowa Senator Rich Taylor
Iowa Senator Todd Taylor
Iowa Representative Marti Anderson
Iowa Representative Bruce Bearinger
Iowa Representative Karin Derry
Iowa Representative Molly Donahue
Iowa Representative Ruth Ann Gaines
Iowa Representative Chris Hall
Iowa Representative Monica Kurth
Iowa Representative Charlie McConkey
Iowa Representative Andy McKean
Iowa Representative Sharon Steckman
Iowa Representative Ross Wilburn
Iowa Representative Dave Williams
Iowa Representative Cindy Winckler

Amy Klobuchar, Klobuchar Campaign Press Release - Dubuque County Recorder John Murphy and Republican Mayor of Indianola Kelly Shaw Endorse Amy Klobuchar Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/366011

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