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Kasich Campaign Press Release - Why Only John Kasich Can Win in November

March 29, 2016

"I'd be for the most right, viable candidate who could win."

– William F. Buckley, The Buckley Rule

A quick refresher.

John Kasich balanced Ohio's budget while improving the state's rainy-day fund from 89 cents to more than $2 billion, all while cutting taxes by more than any active governor in the nation. He eliminated the estate tax and is completely phasing out income taxes for small businesses. He approved more pro-life measures than any other Ohio governor in history and signed every pro-2nd amendment bill that has crossed his desk. In congress, he was the chief architect of the first balanced budget since man walked on the moon, he reformed welfare and spent 18 years on the House Armed Services committee.

Not only is John Kasich conservative, he is ready. Not only is John Kasich an accomplished leader, he is the one candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

Going back to the beginning of 2016, 15 national polls have been released showing Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump. Polling also shows Cruz losing in the most recent data from RealClearPolitics polling averages. At the same time, Kasich consistently defeats Hillary Clinton in each and every poll.


As is commonplace every four years, winning the presidency comes down to the swing states. While the path for Republicans has narrowed over time, the White House is still in reach for the GOP as long as a number of key swing states are won.

Polling shows that not only do Trump and Cruz fail to win any of these states, John Kasich wins every state where he's been polled.


Losing these key swing states makes it impossible for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump to secure victory over Hillary Clinton in November. In fact, the absolute worst-case scenario for Democrats versus Cruz or Trump has Clinton winning more than 300 electoral votes, well over the threshold of the 270 votes necessary to win. That scenario can be seen below where 37 electoral votes over five toss-up states are left up for grabs.


Meanwhile, Kasich winning swing states where he is polling ahead of Clinton puts Republicans on the cusp of victory, with a win in just one of Florida, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa or Wisconsin securing the White House.


The reason behind a Cruz or Trump electoral disaster becomes far more transparent In the three most recent polls that utilized break outs of Women and Independents in their findings. These key voting blocs show both Cruz and Trump have similarly massive unfavorable ratings among Independents and Women. Meanwhile, John Kasich does far better, putting him in position to carry crucial portions of the electorate in November.


The impact of a Cruz or Trump nomination would be devastating for down-ticket races as well. In a rare step, the Cook Political Report downgraded 13 legislative races in one month as the chances for a Trump or Cruz candidacy increased in March.



"I'd be for the most right, viable candidate who could win."

– William F. Buckley, The Buckley Rule

That's John Kasich.

John Kasich, Kasich Campaign Press Release - Why Only John Kasich Can Win in November Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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