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Kasich Campaign Press Release - Wall Street Journal: The Real Kasich Threat

April 05, 2016

The Real Kasich Threat: Trump and Cruz fear GOP convention delegates might prefer a winner.

Mr. Trump's understanding of democracy is unusual—candidates don't own voters, and the party committee doesn't dictate nominees. But he and Mr. Cruz do share a self-interest in trying to drive Mr. Kasich to the sidelines.

Mr. Trump is the only candidate left with a limited mathematical path to the 1,237-delegate majority to win the nomination before the July convention, and if he loses in Wisconsin on Tuesday Mr. Trump must win about two-thirds of the remaining bound delegates in 17 states. Mr. Kasich has more political appeal than Mr. Cruz in the southern New England and mid-Atlantic states that are more suburban and moderate. If Mr. Trump can threaten his way to a two-man race, he could get to 1,237.

As for Mr. Cruz, he'd have to sweep nearly every remaining primary to get to 1,237. He also knows Mr. Kasich has a better chance than the Texan does of denying Mr. Trump delegates in states like Pennsylvania and Maryland that vote on April 26. But Mr. Cruz wants to drive Mr. Kasich out of the race before the convention even if it means running a greater risk that Mr. Trump can get closer to 1,237. Mr. Cruz wants Mr. Kasich out now because he figures the delegates in Cleveland will choose Mr. Cruz if the choice is down to him and Mr. Trump. But if Mr. Kasich is still an option, the delegates might favor him as a better November candidate...

..Mr. Kasich did the public service of winning Ohio's delegates—with which Mr. Trump might have locked up the nomination—and he deserves a chance to see if he can win Pennsylvania or pick up delegates in the East and California. He has no hope of reaching 1,237 delegates before the convention, but what Messrs. Trump and Cruz really fear is that the convention might want to nominate a potential winner.

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