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Kasich Campaign Press Release - In Oregon, the Register-Guard Endorses John Kasich

April 11, 2016

The Register-Guard
Eugene, Oregon

April 10, 2016 

The two major parties' presidential candidates on Oregon's May 17 primary election ballot could not be more different, yet Republican and Democratic voters will be making the same type of choice.

Both will decide between substance and show. Both will make judgments about the value of experience and the reliability of stirring promises. Both will determine whether calm competence in the White House serves the nation better than excited emotionalism.

For Republicans, the best candidate is Ohio Gov. John Kasich. 


Kasich has endured the long campaign without descending into the gutter with Trump. On crowded debate stages, Kasich distinguished himself by remaining polite and focused on the issues. As the field narrowed, Kasich was absent from the demeaning rounds of invective involving the size of the candidates' hands and the attractiveness of their spouses. For that alone, Kasich deserves to be rewarded.

And while Cruz offers a plausible reason for casting a strategic vote, so does Kasich: Of all the Republican candidates, Kasich stacks up best against Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Kasich's appeal has the potential to extend beyond the Republican Party not only because of the elevated tone of his campaign, but because of a solid record of practical governance. As governor, he extended Medicaid to poor Ohioans rather than taking a punitively purist position against Obamacare. Instead of talking about tax cuts one moment and condemning deficits the next, Kasich reminds voters that he was chairman of the House Budget Committee the last time the federal budget was balanced.

Kasich has the maturity, the experience and the dignity the GOP should expect of its presidential nominee. Indeed, he's the only candidate left who possesses these qualities, which makes him the best choice for Oregon Republicans on May 17.

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