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Kasich Campaign Press Release - Kasich Key to Stopping Trump on East Coast

April 01, 2016

Cruz isn't competitive in the Madison media market, the 2nd congressional district, but Kasich is. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin, and Kasich has done well in liberal college areas such as around Dartmouth College and the University of Michigan...

...The other troubling result for Trump is that Kasich really does seem to have an appeal with a certain type of self-described moderate Republican that Cruz doesn't. Kasich holds a statistically insignificant 35 percent to 34 percent to 23 percent lead over Trump and Cruz with moderates in the Marquette poll. He has a slightly larger 37 percent to 31 percent edge over Trump with that group in the Basswood Research survey. That's why Kasich is winning in the Madison media market.

This type of well-educated moderate voter can be found by the barrel in the northern mid-Atlantic and southern New England states that vote in late April. Cruz will likely be uncompetitive in many congressional districts in states like Connecticut and New York, but the results coming out of Wisconsin suggest that Kasich may do well there. That wouldn't help Cruz get any closer to 1,237, but it could keep Trump further away.

John Kasich, Kasich Campaign Press Release - Kasich Key to Stopping Trump on East Coast Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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