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Kasich Campaign Press Release - Iowa State Daily Letter: Kasich for President

January 13, 2016

Letter: Kasich for President

By Brian Voss, Senior in history and secondary education

Iowa State Daily

Throughout the last calendar year we have seen a lot of promises made by presidential candidates. Issues have become the center of campaigns across the country, as voters everywhere try to find the candidates who they agree with most. While I tend to look at the issues, I also consider the experience necessary to be the next commander in chief of the United States, and John Kasich is the candidate who has that experience.

Governor Kasich's resume is unmatched by any candidate in either party. He represented Ohio in the House of Representatives for eighteen years, serving on the Armed Services Committee throughout that time. He also chaired the House Budget Committee in 1997 and was a chief architect of the deal that balanced the federal budget for the first time since 1969.

Serving as Governor of Ohio since 2010, he has helped turn around a state in a recession, creating well over 300,000 private sector jobs, and closing an eight million dollar budget shortfall without raising taxes. Governor Kasich won re-election in Ohio in 2014 winning 64 percent of the vote. Ohioans have continued to be pleased with him as an October poll showed he has a 62 percent job approval rating. Shouldn't we elect a president who is well liked in his own state?

Anyone can discuss the issues, but only one candidate in either party has both the experience in Congress and as an executive needed to be the next president of the United States. Our nation is too important to have a president receiving on the job training. Support a candidate who has proven he can lead and join me in caucusing for Governor Kasich on February 1st.

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