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Kasich Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: John Kasich's Pep Talk for America

September 03, 2015

John Kasich's Pep Talk for America

TIME — Sept. 2, 2015

In a Republican primary filled with notes of fear and anger, John Kasich is heading in the other direction.

"We're spending too much time being negative about our lives, and I don't think that's very healthy," Kasich says, warning of a nationwide morale problem, "because when we are positive we come together to solve our problems."

On the campaign trail, the Ohio governor is sounding more like a self-help guru than presidential candidate, preaching optimism and the importance of rebuilding community. He tells college-aged kids to keep "reaching for the stars," and seniors to focus on positivity.

"You have to be a person who represents a place of justice and healing," he tells the several dozen students among the crowd at his town hall at New England College in this quaint New Hampshire town. "Changing the world doesn't mean becoming president, changing the world means that you do something special for somebody else, living outside of yourself."


"If it takes mean and angry, count me out," he says later, referencing the question in his subsequent events, "I'm going to remember that for a very long time."

"If it takes determination, if it takes a degree of toughness count me in," he continues. "But we've got too much to be thankful for in this country to be waking up in a bad mood. Don't let them get you down."

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