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Kasich Campaign Press Release - Gov. Weld Op-Ed: Kasich Prepared to be President

February 27, 2016

The Lowell Sun

Gov. Kasich has a complete mastery of federal budget and spending issues, and of national security issues. Perhaps even more importantly, he has emerged as the candidate representing the "Governors' wing" (read: problem-solvers) of the Republican party, as opposed to the "Washington wing" (read: gridlock). This makes him eminently electable in November...

... National and international leadership based on rage or anger really doesn't represent anything different than the poisonous atmosphere we have today in Washington.

With John Kasich as our president, we would get the best of both worlds. Kasich knows how to break the back of Washington gridlock becaus he's done it. Remember that it was Kasich who talked Congress and Bill Clinton into not only balancing the federal budget, but into ending welfare as it had existed for decades.

Kasich is as upset and angry as other Republicans about what's happening to our nation, and our failure to solve our major problems. But Kasich does not give in to the temptation to use vicious rhetoric, because he has the seasoning and the wisdom to know that once you're elected, campaigning that way makes progress after the election far more difficult.

In the end it is constructive and optimistic leadership that makes the difference. For evidence, we need only to look to our nation's greatest modern president, Ronald Reagan. Gov. Kasich is in that mold, and that's why polls show he is the Republican most likely to win the general election.

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John Kasich, Kasich Campaign Press Release - Gov. Weld Op-Ed: Kasich Prepared to be President Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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