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Joint Statement With the British Government Concerning Nuclear Tests.

February 08, 1962

IT IS the joint view of the United States and the United Kingdom Governments that the existing state of nuclear development, in which the recent massive Soviet tests are an important factor, would justify the West in making such further series of nuclear tests as may be necessary for purely military reasons.

The United States and United Kingdom Governments have therefore decided that preparations should be made in various places, and as part of these the United Kingdom Government is making available to the United States Government the facilities at Christmas Island.

The two Governments are, however, deeply concerned for the future of mankind if a halt cannot be called to the nuclear arms race. The two Governments are, therefore, determined to make a new effort to move away this sterile contest. They believe that a supreme effort should be made at the Eighteen Nation Disarmament Committee which will begin meetings on March 14 at Geneva, and that the Heads of Government of the United States, United Kingdom, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics should assume a direct and personal interest in these negotiations. The President and the Prime Minister have, therefore, addressed a joint communication to Chairman Khrushchev proposing that this meeting be initiated at the Foreign Minister level and that their Foreign Ministers should meet before the Conference started and also be prepared to return as 'personal participants in the negotiations at appropriate stages as progress is made.

John F. Kennedy, Joint Statement With the British Government Concerning Nuclear Tests. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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