Franklin D. Roosevelt

Joint Statement with President Vincent of Haiti.

July 05, 1934

During the conversations today, July 5th, in Cape Haitien between President Roosevelt and President Vincent, the following conclusions were reached:

(1) In view of the rapid progress made by the Garde d'Haiti, and upon the request of the Haitian Government, it has been agreed that the Garde d'Haiti will be turned over to complete Haitian command on August 1, 1934. All American Marine forces now in Haiti will be withdrawn a fortnight later.

(2) President Roosevelt informed President Vincent of the action of the Congress of the United States which authorized him to present to the Haitian Government a portion of the equipment belonging to the American Government now in use by the Garde d'Haiti and the Marine forces in Haiti.

(3) Negotiations will begin shortly between the two Governments for the conclusion of a commercial treaty, the underlying principles of which have been under discussion for some time. It is hoped that such a treaty will result in a mutually profitable increase in the commerce between the two countries.

The conversations held between the two Presidents at Cape Haitien have served to reaffirm the feeling of friendship and cordiality existing between the United States and Haiti, a feeling which was signally marked in the course of their conversations held last April in the City of Washington, D.C.

Presidential Palace, Cape Haitien.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joint Statement with President Vincent of Haiti. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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