Franklin D. Roosevelt

Joint Statement with Great Britain and Canada on the Retention of Boards.

January 19, 1945

1. We have followed with close interest the excellent work which the Combined Boards have done in coordinating our production and supply. These Boards were created for the purpose of combining our economic and industrial power during a period of increasingly intensive military preparation. Despite the fact that as the war progresses there will be a substantial diminution in demand for certain military items, studies indicate that there will be continuing global shortages of a limited number of products and materials which are necessary to military operations and to the maintenance of essential civilian economies. We expect the Boards, in the future as in the past, to continue to play their part in facilitating the prompt and adequate use of our economic resources for the common war effort.

2. In addition, new economic and industrial problems which may require common action are sure to develop before the end of hostilities. The power to act and make decisions in the economic sphere on behalf of our respective Nations will remain in the duly constituted national agencies. However, the Boards can perform a very valuable additional service by providing a forum or focal point for consultation and the interchange of information and ideas on such common economic and industrial problems.

3. In their activities we shall expect the members of these Boards and the agencies of our Governments which work with them to collaborate increasingly with representatives of other United Nations in the common interest.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joint Statement with Great Britain and Canada on the Retention of Boards. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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