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Joint Statement Following Meetings With the President of Upper Volta.

March 30, 1965

PRESIDENT Johnson has been extremely pleased to have as his first state visitor since the Inauguration, President Maurice Yameogo of Upper Volta. Their exchanges were both close and cordial and President Johnson was pleased by the identity of principles and purposes which motivate the two governments.

This is President Yameogo's first trip to the United States. The talks in Washington afforded the two Presidents the opportunity to renew and develop a personal acquaintance made at Dakar, Senegal, in 1961, and to discuss in detail matters of common concern. President Yameogo also had conversations with Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

President Yameogo described economic and political matters of importance to Africa, particularly to his country, as well as the efforts of his Government to promote the advancement of the Voltan people. He expressed appreciation for the understanding and cooperative spirit which the United States has shown in assisting the economic development of Upper Volta.

President Johnson recalled the friendship that exists between Upper Volta and the United States and the many bonds that increasingly unite the Governments and peoples of the two countries.

The two Presidents discussed broad international issues, including problems of underdevelopment, African efforts to encourage continental unity, the Congo, and world peace.

President Johnson expressed his admiration for President Yameogo's vigorous efforts to improve the economic and social well-being of the Voltan people and to secure cooperation and peace in Africa. In particular, he praised President Yameogo's leading role in the Council of the Entente, the Common Organization of African and Malagasy States and the Organization for African Unity.

President Yameogo expressed his appreciation of the measures taken by the U.S. Federal Government to secure equal rights and opportunities for all American people and lauded President Johnson's leadership of this effort, the efforts of which are felt throughout the world.

The two Presidents took great satisfaction in the excellent relations existing between Upper Volta and the United States. They agreed that the visit had further strengthened these relations and pledged faithfully to preserve their cooperation and friendship.

President Yameogo invited President Johnson, as soon as it would be practicable, to visit the Republic of Upper Volta and permit them to repay the gracious hospitality President Yameogo and his party have received.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Joint Statement Following Meetings With the President of Upper Volta. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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