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Joint Statement Following Discussions With the Shah of Iran.

December 14, 1959

PRESIDENT Eisenhower visited Iran on December 14, 1959. The President and his party were welcomed warmly by the Iranian people. The feelings of the Iranian people shown during this significant visit demonstrated again the strength of the ties between the governments and people of Iran and the United States. The visit attested to the confidence of both countries that their cooperation is of benefit both to themselves and to the world.

During the visit talks were held at the Palace of His Imperial Majesty between the two leaders assisted by Prime Minister Eqbal, Foreign Minister Aram, Ambassador Murphy, and Ambassador Wailes. The President addressed a joint session of the Iranian Parliament.

His Imperial Majesty and the President discussed the CENTO alliance and both emphasized the importance of CENTO in preserving stability and security in the area. They reiterated the determination of their Governments to support CENTO and further recognized the usefulness of their bilateral agreement while, of course, continuing to participate in the action of the United Nations for the furtherance of world peace. Both leaders emphasized their adherence to the goals of peace and freedom.

In the course of their talks the world situation was reviewed. Both leaders expressed their belief in the principles of negotiation as a means of finding just and peaceful solutions to problems which arise between nations. It was agreed that disarmament with adequate controls should be sought in the interest of lasting peace. His Imperial Majesty and the President also exchanged views on various problems, especially those relating to the Middle East. The President recognized the significant contribution Iran is making to the stability of this important world area.

His Imperial Majesty outlined the economic and social progress achieved in Iran and expressed appreciation for the help given by the American people. The President congratulated His Imperial Majesty on the service which Iran is rendering the free world and for his vigorous effort to sustain stability and to further economic development. The President noted that such programs undertaken by Iran have the objective of creating a more bountiful life for the Iranian people. President Eisenhower also expressed interest in the steps His Imperial Majesty is taking to promote social progress. The President said that the United States intends to continue to assist Iran in the mutual interest of both nations.

The President took the opportunity to express the admiration of the people of the United States for the brave stand of the Iranian people and Government in the face of outside pressure.

Note: This joint statement was released in Tehran.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Joint Statement Following Discussions With the Shah of Iran. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/234982

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