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Joint Statement Following Discussions With the Prime Minister of Italy.

April 21, 1965

THE PRESIDENT of the United States and Prime Minister Aldo Moro of Italy met in Washington April 20 and 21. Also participating were Secretary of State Rusk and Foreign Minister Fanfani.

President Johnson warmly welcomed the opportunity to have the Prime Minister in Washington as his guest in response to a long-standing invitation. They met for official discussions in an atmosphere reflecting the intimacy and cordiality of traditional Italian-American friendship.

A comprehensive exchange of views also took place on the situation in southeast Asia and in Viet-Nam in particular.

President Johnson described the objectives that the United States pursues in that part of the world, in order to ensure freedom and peace.

Prime Minister Moro, restating the Italian position as already publicly defined in Parliament, expressed his full understanding for the position and responsibilities of the United States.

Both the President and the Prime Minister expressed the hope that conditions would materialize which will permit a peaceful and stable solution in freedom, justice, and security.

The two leaders expressed deep satisfaction with the broad convergence of views between their Governments on the importance of building a united Europe within the Atlantic community. They reaffirmed the validity of the Atlantic Alliance as an instrument for safeguarding the peace and as an essential element for assuring stability and balance in the world. They agreed on the desirability of the construction of a united Europe as a vital element in the framework of Western civilization and as an important factor in the maintenance of world peace.

In reviewing the objectives and policies of their Governments, President Johnson and Prime Minister Moro noted that their Governments share the objectives of freedom, peace, and international cooperation and of assuring a good life for all of their people based on the principles of democracy and social justice.

The two leaders also agreed to explore possibilities of further and closer cooperation in the common effort to foster progress of the peoples of developing countries and to combat poverty in the world.

The Prime Minister and his party will conclude the Washington phase of their visit and depart for New York via Philadelphia on the morning of April 22. They will leave for Italy on the evening of April 24.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Joint Statement Following Discussions With the Prime Minister of Italy. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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