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Joint Statement Following Discussions With the Prime Minister of Ireland.

October 17, 1963

DURING the course of the official visit of His Excellency Sean Lemass, Prime Minister of Ireland, the Prime Minister and President Kennedy discussed a number of issues of common interest and concern to Ireland and the United States. The two leaders expressed their satisfaction at the long-standing friendship between Ireland and the United States, and reaffirmed their intention to maintain their close cooperation and collaboration in areas of common interest.

The President again thanked the Prime Minister for the hospitality extended by the Irish Government to the President and his party during the President's visit to Ireland in June of this year.

The President and the Prime Minister discussed the current state of affairs in Western Europe with particular reference to Ireland's efforts to improve its economic links with the continental European countries. The Prime Minister expressed his country's hope that the amount of private investment on the part of American industry in Ireland could be expanded. The President suggested that the steadily improving economic condition of Ireland should attract the interest of a number of American firms.

The President also noted that, on its part, the United States hopes to supply more goods to the Irish market.

Noting the important role Ireland is playing in the United Nations, the President stated that he appreciated the substantial contribution made by Ireland to the establishment of peace and stability in the Congo.

The President and the Prime Minister expressed their mutual desire to strengthen the cultural links between the two countries.

The President assured the Prime Minister of the continuing interest on the part of the United States in Ireland's economic progress.

John F. Kennedy, Joint Statement Following Discussions With the Prime Minister of Ireland. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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