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Joint Statement Following Discussions With President Villeda.

November 30, 1962

THE PRESIDENT of the Republic of Honduras and the President of the United States of America met and talked today in a spirit of frankness, understanding and sincere friendship. The two Presidents discussed general relations between their two countries, and topics of hemispheric concern. They reviewed the positive contributions of the Organization of American States and its members in their action of October 23 calling for the dismantling and removal from Cuba of offensive weapons systems and in seeking adequate safeguards against their reintroduction in Cuba. They discussed the future measures necessary to safeguard the peace and security of the states and peoples in the Western Hemisphere from the subversive attempts of governments alien to this hemisphere.

The Presidents reaffirmed their adherence to the principles and commitments of the Charter of Punta del Este, and they noted with satisfaction the frankness and realistic character of the first annual review of the Alliance for Progress in the meeting of Ministers in Mexico City in October. The Presidents noted the Ministers had reaffirmed the validity of the Alliance as a joint effort calling for effective use of national as well as external resources, institutional reforms, tax reforms, vigorous application of existing laws, and a just distribution of the fruits of national development to all sectors of the community. The two Presidents discussed the need for the full participation of private investment in development, noting that the absence of such participation will cause the development to fall far short of its potentialities. They discussed measures to enlist such private participation. The two Presidents discussed how cooperation between Honduras and the United States can contribute to the progress and well-being of the people of Honduras.

The two Presidents agreed that their Governments should seek, on an urgent basis, a solution of the question of Swan Island, within the framework of the Inter-American system and taking full account of the rights and interests of both parties.

The two Presidents declared that political democracy, national independence and the self-determination of peoples are the political principles which shape the national policies of Honduras and the United States. Both countries are joined in a hemisphere-wide effort to accelerate economic progress and social justice.

In conclusion the two Presidents expressed their gratification at this opportunity to exchange views and to strengthen the friendly and mutually beneficial relationship which has long existed between Honduras and the United States. Their meeting was a demonstration of the understanding and reciprocal cooperation of the two countries and strengthened the bonds of common interests and friendship between their respective peoples.

John F. Kennedy, Joint Statement Following Discussions With President Villeda. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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